Well.Fit Cleanse || Fall Edition

This was originally written for our spring Well.Fit Cleanse but due to a host of reasons (which we'll chat about below) we're now doing it TWICE A YEAR - yay! November is the perfect month for this because, you guessed it, it's leading up to the most indulgent time of the year: the holidays.

So here are some facts. People who cleanse before holidays find that they:
1. Eat less
2. Drink less
3. Indulge in a healthier way

You guys have shared with us that after doing the Well.Fit Cleanse you:
1. Have more energy
2. Feel better in your body
3. Sleep better
4. Feel calmer and less anxious
5. Lose weight

AKA this is ideal for moving into the holiday season. So take some time and read the information below, delve into the cleanse manual (it is FULL of information on all aspects of the cleanse - not just the dietary ones), grab an accountability partner (can't underline this enough), and let's get started!

Some Key Dates:
Today! - start planning for the cleanse. There are a lot of logisitics that go into making sure you're successful PLUS you'll need to hit the grocery store. 
November 1 - Kick off the cleanse!
All the days in-between - Check in with yourself! How's it going? How do you feel? If you have ANY QUESTIONS, let us know!
November 21 - Fin.

Join us for a 21 day, whole foods based nutritional overhaul! It is designed to give your body a break from toxins, (re)establish healthier eating habits and also identify foods that do not agree with your body. Click the button below to download the complete cleanse manual.

Read it carefully and hit us up with your questions. The key to success is advance planning and preparation. Carve some time out over the weekend to get yourself ready; mentally, emotionally and logistically.

We know that life is busy and hectic and making changes to your eating habits can be a big project. If after readying the cleanse manual you decide it's entirely too much for you to undertake at this point that's OK! We have options on how you can still participate, make some solid changes but work around limitations that might keep you from going all in!

1. Super Light: Pick one of the foods/food groups from the Don't Eat list and eliminate it from your diet for 1-3 weeks. If you are gonna go super light we suggest you pick one of the more major items off the list, like Sugar or Processed Foods! While you are at it, you might think about adding an Omega's supplement to help decrease inflammation in the body!

2. Light: Pick three of the Don't Eat foods/groups and eliminate for 1-3 week, add in some protein shakes and the Omega's supplement. If you chose to go light, chose foods to eliminate that will have the biggest positive impact on your health and eating habits. Also take in to consideration if you suspect you have a food sensitivity to something like dairy or gluten. Try eliminating whatever it is for at least 2 weeks and see how your body feels! 

Ready? Need a little inspiration?

Good Luck Everyone. Glad your are joining us for the #WellFitCleanse!