Well.Fit Spring Clean l Home Edition

If you are a real human (we're assuming you are), you probably have projects around the house that seem like you will just never get too. Whether it's cleaning out the junk drawer, the spare room, your closet, under the bathroom sink, that list could go on and on and on, right?! 

Now that spring has sprung we are feeling super amped about lot's of things but especially freshening up our homes! We've got some solid tips for ya so try these out and share your tips with us too!

Tips on Getting it Done: 

  • Make a list, triage : Set some time aside to list out the tasks/projects you have been putting off and then pick the top three, prioritize those, and tackle them one at a time. (once you've completed them go back to you list, find a new three, prioritize and GO!). It is easy to get distracted by other projects but try to focus on one. at. a. time. It will make you work so much faster and the sense of accomplishment will keep you movin' into the next one!
  • Get some tunes ready : A house project/cleaning playlist is essential for staying motivated. Get yourself pumped up by creating a new playlist for your cleaning date. Pro tip: put together a playlist of songs you're dying to listen to (could be new music, could be old) and only let yourself listen to said playlist when working on your house projects.
  • Enlist a buddy : Sometimes just having your best girl there to keep you company makes the task not only totally bearable, but also fun! Plus, if you are cleaning out your closet she can give you sound advice on what to keep and what to pass on. Pro tip : wine sweetens the deal and makes for a more relaxing time of it all but we don't advise this for morning projects unless you are having mimosas of course.
  • Plan it like a date with yourself : Two ways to approach this: 1. set a time limit. For example...4 hours on Saturday morning for cleaning followed by something rewarding or 2. If you know you get motivated as you dig in to a project you might want to leave it open-ended and give yourself the entire Saturday to start with your number one project and see where it leads you! Be sure to schedule a good morning sweat session at the studio to start the day strong.
  • Eyes on the prize : Starting the task can be hard so it's important to keep the big picture in mind. Think about how cathartic the process is and how great it feels after you have accomplished it, especially if it's something you've putting off for a long time. 


We are gonna work our way down this list ourselves and seriously get some stuff done! So who's with us?