Dog Days of Summer


Hello Well.Fitters!!!! I have only been out for maternity leave for about 2 weeks but it already feels like 2 months.  We have had a couple of false starts but no baby yet…..just (not so) patiently waiting! Right now it’s all about surrendering to the process and trying to enjoy this little bit of time off I am having. It turns out I am a busy body and slowing down feels super weird!

I really am missing teaching classes and connecting with everyone. With all this extra time on my hands I’ve put together a lil’ blog series to help get you through the dog days of summer. Each week there will be a new installment that will include the following; a training focus that will be introduced in the blog and integrated into your studio classes, tips on staying motivated through routine disruptions, and we will get you prepped for our August Fitness Challenge (more to come on that!).  Just for fun, we will also have a weekly lifestyle break out section where we talk about things we love in and around AVL!

Summer is super packed with fun and travel. All good things for the soul, but they can really take a toll on your routine and get in the way of your fitness. So many of you haven’t slowed down one bit and are making a strong effort to maintain your routine even with your busy summer plans and travels. However If you feel like your summer is starting to get in the way of your fitness, we hope that this blog series will help you get reinvigorated with your goals and motivation and get back on track!!

So stay tuned for our first installment next week. (And hopefully a baby announcement soon!)