Dog Days : Lifestyle 2


Dog Days Lifestyle breakout part two is here!!! We are having fun talking about our favorite things right here in our city and we hear that you are loving it too. We even hear that it's been driving some of your plans this month! That is awesome, here's more for ya'.


GET OUTSIDE - Welcome to our local's guide to floating the French Broad River. These are a few essential things you need to know before you go!

  • Wear (water) shoes. There's some 'stuff' in there, we've known folks to come across a sharp object and cut their feet. We don't want you risking your foot's life for a the sake of a float.
  • Gear up. Get a float specifically for your beer cooler. This is essential, nobody floats without beer. You can get one on amazon! Also think about things like sunscreen, waterproof phone case, a dry bag if you need to bring anything with you, and don't forget your shades!!
  • Prepare for the other end. Leave whatever you want at the end of your float in the car that is parked at your take out spot. Well.Fit recommends the Bywater or the Salvage Station for a take out spot!
  • Don't drink and drive. If you plan on drinking on the river you should consider having a DD or taking a Uber home. Things can get wild on the French Broad.
  • Make sure you take a shower after your river adventure, like we's not a glacier lake. Also be sure the check out the Swim Guide to see what the water conditions are.


  • Floats. You gotta have floats!! There are several spots you can rent floats and even take a shuttle so you don't have to worry about the logistics of two cars. But if you are local, you have your own float and you take your own cars. You can grab Intex River Run Floats at 2nd Gear up on Haywood Road in West Asheville.
  • Put In. Carrier Park and the French Broad River Park are two great spots to put in, depending on water levels (when the water is high it moves a lot faster) you will probably be on the river for 1-2 hours (if you take out at Bywater or The Salvage Station).

Floating the French Broad is a great in town water adventure. If you are looking for pristine waters and floating serenity there are lots of other places just outside the city to explore. Check this out ->>

EAT - We love All Soul's Pizza because it's super family friendly but feels more sophisticated than most places you would feel ok about bringing your screaming 2 year old. It also makes for a lovely casual date spot. The ingredients are always fresh, seasonal, locally sourced and everything we have eaten there has been wonderful! Simple lovely ingredients creatively and well executed, makes it a 10 in our book!


TREAT YO'SELF - Shoji Spa is one of the best ways to 'get away' without actually going away. Each private outdoor soaking tub is designed to encourage you to totally let go and melt. After an hour of soaking it feels like you hit the reset button on your stress and exhaustion levels. You will leave breathing a little deeper and feeling like you are ready to take on the world. They also offer a range of massage services with a delicious list of add on options. Go There!!