Dog Days : Lifestyle

Just for fun as part of our Dog Days Series we are taking a quick moment to feature a few things we dig in AVL!!!


GET OUTSIDE - Laurel River Hike. I’d like to preface this by saying if you are looking for a challenge, this probably isn’t the hike for you. But if you want to spend an easy day in the woods and have the opportunity to get in the water then this is absolutely for you! We love this hike cuz it’s easy like sunday morning. It’s not too far out of town, you can take the dogs and the littles and just about anyone can do it! There are plenty of spots along the trail where you can post up and picnic and take a dip.
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EAT - Eating from the your garden or someone else’s. Summer is the easiest time to eat clean beautiful food. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden you know how divine it is to pick and eat fresh veggies that you helped make happen. The farmers market is so abundant this time of year - there is no excuse for buying veggies at Whole Foods right now y’all….get to your neighborhood farmers market and enjoy the difference in flavor and vitality!! Seriously - that’s what food should taste like. We love to eat salads with simple grilled proteins all summer long. What do you love to eat in the summer? For some drool-worthy local inspiration check out The Culinary Gardener on Instagram. 

TREAT YO'SELF - We LOVE Sensibilities Day Spa Downtown. The treatment rooms are clean, quiet, beautiful, and feel very private. The products they use are organic and oh so luscious and the therapists are top notch. Our favorite's are: Alicia Pickett for skin care services, Marcy Kelly for Massage, and Gina for nail services. Book an appointment today!!