Thoughts Create....they really do!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” -Nikos Katantzakis

Any of these quotes look familiar? Surely you have seen or heard at least one of them…maybe you’ve seen all these over and over again. The point is, these are note-worthy quotes and for good reason. However, in passing it’s easy to take these little knowledge bombs for granted. Especially in this day and age where we all seemed to be stuck on autopilot full speed ahead most of or all of the time! Even when we are working towards something it can start to feel like we are just maintaining, just surviving, not growing, not thriving.

The mission of #WellFitConsciousLife in 2019 is to continually provide you with opportunities to pause and shift. A chance to wake up and get back in the drivers seat of your life…and stay there! You may not even know what you want but you probably know what you don’t want….that’s a fine place to start.

We had an amazing turn out and so much positive feedback from Conscious Goal Setting and we learned so much about what was needed next, and we haven’t forgotten. It’s in our pot, we’ve been stirring and brewing and visualizing. We want to take a big step back with y’all and start with a huge fundamental piece of goals setting- mindset and beliefs. Before I go headlong into the workshop content I want to do a little sharing with y’all.

So here I am. Taking on this new branch of career, learning how to coach people beyond what I can give you in a 45 minute cycle class. And I do it because it lights me up, when I am saying something to you in the (literal) heat of the moment in class…it is coming from the deepest place in my being, it is not a script on repeat.

The last time I wrote and shared here, I processing what had been a series of traumatic events with you 18 year old daughter. These wounds are healing up nicely and in fact I am currently sitting writing this in a hotel room in Seattle. She lives here now and is doing great! Inn my last post I talked about how after we exit crisis mode there can often feel like there is a big empty space. Which for me, pretty much immediately got filled up with all the things; thoughts, feelings and life stuff that had been shelved while we all just tried to survive a couple really hard years.

I personally am in transition and so is my family. And as far as I can tell from other friends and people in my network-there is a lot of that going on in everyone’s lives right now. On the outside our transition looks like this: My husband, Camp, is leaving his job of 6 years and embarking on his journey as restauranteur. While we work toward getting financed we are doing pop up dinners and getting ready to market him as a personal chef for hire and he will be opening up his schedule for a few lucky personal training clients. Well.Fit is plugging along getting better all the time and I am working toward my goal of working from home more and doing less personal training.

Looks simple, looks great right? BUT OMG, you guys….on the inside it’s this big ol’ smelly stew of emotions, fear, decisions, questions, fear, convictions, determinations, beliefs- some good some bad, will power, more fear, LOTS of CREATIVE ENERGY and LOVE. All throughout it there is this big analyzation process…who am I? What makes me happy? What do I want my life to look like in a year or in five, am I making the right choices along the way? Am I making choices that are aligned with my core self or my ego self?

It’s all this stuff that we all have to wade through if we want to grow and change and live a more fulfilling life. And it’s a never ending process. As I dive deeper into learning how to coach you, I have to do the work too. It can feel like a big huge upheaval and be pretty uncomfortable.

At this very moment I am sitting in a hotel room downtown Seattle thinking of how I can best communicate to y’all how important and valuable this upcoming workshop is going to be. Wondering how I can express just how badly we all need a ‘time out’ in order to shift things in our life. Parallel to those questions in my mind is my current situation. I am having a super rare opportunity to take a huge time out from my daily grind, my home life, the constant demand of young children and business ownership. I am having an opportunity to zoom out on all of it and let me tell you…I have had some thoughts and feelings about things. I won’t bore you with more verbal spillage of my inner process but I will tell you this; we cannot make the progress we want to make, reach the goals we have set or truly live the life we want to live without taking a ‘time out’. We need to zoom out even if it’s just for a couple hours at Well.Fit so that we can see where we need to change. It’s crucial to growth and so so good for us.

The corner stone of this upcoming workshop is digging into our thought patterns. And as we transition or desire to make changes we must first deal with our habitual inner dialogue. Sounds simple, and it can be, but it can be messy too. As I prepare to share this experience with you I am in hyper analytic mode of my own thoughts patterns and limiting beliefs. I have had some true ‘aha’ moments and other moments where I just can’t see it. It’s all part of a never ending process but as we do the work, things do get better and we ACTUALLY can live into our full potential more and more. We can live a life we truly love!!!

Join us on Saturday April 6th to find out more and start your own inner process of shifting and releasing!

Preregistration is required and if you did not attend our previous workshop, that is OK, it is not required.