Busy as a Bee in Spring!

Hello Well.Fitters,

So, despite what the weather outside has been telling us, spring is here.  Spring always feels like a time to wake up, start projects I have been putting off and get busy finishing old projects.  

Right now for well.fit I am working on several things. First and foremost, I am planning an awesome 10 session bootcamp series for The Ladies Gun Club starting April 15th.  The Ladies Gun Club (LGC)  is our bootcamp program for ladies women and girls. I started this program last summer with a two week intensive. Everybody had a ton of fun, got great results and wanted to keep coming back.  So I moved here and have been offering bootcamps since.  These bootcamps are a great way to stay motivated, and kick your self in to a higher gear for the summer. It's is girls only, we sweat it out together and have a total blast doing it!  We focus body weight workouts with an emphasis on kicking up the metabolism through interval training.  

We get results!

 If you are new to well.fit and are in interested in joing the LGC please


me. I will answer any questions you might have and get you registered for the upcoming series.

We are also working on building a website specifically for the LGC and we will be beautifying the well.fit blog as well!  Briana is working on the graphic design and our talented friend Susan is working on building the site and helping me navigate the world of utilizing all the social media applications.

And as always I am exploring new exercise routines. I have been spending a lot of time in the gym torturing myself with a timer and a jump rope, working on metabolic routines. In addition to that I am working on a core challenge that everyone can do at home.  I will be posting the challenge in a few days so definitely check back, it will be a great way to boost your core strength with out a big time commitment.

I am also picking up nutrition coaching training.  This is something I started over a year ago.  In the course of relocating and getting settled it has totally gotten away from me, but I am hitting the books again. Soon I will be able to better coach you toward your goals be it weight loss, an event or just general improved health.

All in all there are many great things on the horizon!  Can't wait to get back in to bootcamp season, Here we go!

Carry on in health,