Cheeseburgers Happen...

And so do red wine and late night snacks of cheese and salami in good company.  These are not practices that I advocate to any one of my clients, but, this is real life and it happens to the best of us. In a perfect world we would be eating on kale salads and lean proteins, this is not a perfect world. Cheeseburgers happen.

How do we recover from said cheeseburgers crisis?!?

Being a frequent victim of the cheeseburger crisis I have a few survival tips for my fellow Well.Fitters.

  • Never ever-ever beat yourself up. It is counterproductive, hurtful to your psyche, and a total waste of brain energy.  
  • Time it right. Always aim to indulge in sweets and carbs right after a solid exercise.  After a workout your body is able to more efficiently metabolize glucose, which means you get to cheat and it will even help you recover from your workout!
  • HIIT* it hard the morning after. If you have really blown it with the diet, add in a metabolism boosting HIIT session to your workout. I like to do this with the jump rope.  I usually do 4 minutes of 20 second speed rope intervals, 10 seconds rest.  This is an anaerobic work out that has shown to increase resting metabolism rate for the 24 hours following the workout. 

For more info on timing your nutrient intake and optimizing fat loss

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*HIIT=high intensity interval training.  Not familiar?


that shit.