Fit to Wed

It was a beautiful day! It started off in the park with The Ladies Gun Club and is ending with this post. It was full of good things in between. Yesterday I shared the beginnings of my master plan to becoming fitter, healthier, and more centered me on my wedding day and beyond.  I talked about food yesterday and so far I am sticking to it. It feels really good, I know there will be hard moments and I feel fortunate to have learned some tricks on how to move past the moments without caving.

Today I want to talk about exercise.  Let me preface this by letting you know that fitness did not always come naturally for me. I never played sports, I HATED p.e. and I was pretty sure I would be something like Madonna when I grew up. I was also blessed with skinny genes so I did not have to worry about it until about my mid-twenties when my metabolism changed. It was then that I was faced with concept of actually having to exercise. It took me a very long time to get from there to where I am today.  I was completely pissed off with how much bullshit there was in the media about how to get fit and eat right. I really wanted to do the right thing and it seemed impossible to figure out what that was.  So I tried various different things and finally figured out that it doesn't really matter what you are doing, just as long as you are actually doing it! And it's true you do get different results from different exercise programs. Discovering what I wanted and how to get it was my mission.  Long story short, I ended up finding this silly little blonde woman (Tracy Anderson) on You Tube about 5 years ago who was exercising but making it look kinda like dancing. I loved it! I have done it religiously at times and have not done it at all at times, but I always come back because it is the exercise, that for me, works.

Here are three top reasons why I like it:

1. I can do it in my living room

2. It feels kinda like dancing which makes it really enjoyable

3. It works, I get lot's of long, lean definition when I am doing it consistently.

But what I don't like about it this; I don't feel like I am getting strong! (and I kinda can't stand looking at her fake boobs)  So I have taken what I love about it and few changes and voila, It's prefect for me!

Allllll this chitter chatter is leading up to my big fitness plan. This plan has me moving my body 6 days a week.  And there is a lot involved, but I don't need to it all at once in the day.  I can break it up and squeeze it in where ever I have time. And I am giving myself lots of options on what I can do because I have the attention span of a flee so I am constantly needing to have variety. I know I know, the anticipation must be killing you by now.  Here it is:

There are four components; cardio, strength,sculpt, stretching.


3-4 days/week I will complete some form of cardio.  My time will depend on the type.  I will primarily be running and using the speed rope. I really like the speed rope because boxers and models do it and that just seems like two kinds of folks who really need to stay fit. Micheal Olajide, Jr. a former #1 boxer, co-founder of the Aerospace gym in NY and super badass trainer, uses it regularly in classes and with clients.  When I chose running it will be a minimum of 30 minutes.  If I choose jump rope it will be 15-20 minutes, done in intervals ranging form 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, to 60 seconds on/30 seconds off.


These two parts will crossover a little. The Strength work I do will lead to more definition and as I continue to accomplish my diet goals this definition will be more visible.  I plan to get this strength work in with The Ladies Gun Club. For those of your who are unfamiliar with The Ladies Gun Club, it is a strength training program utilizing body weight exercises.  I will be doing my sculpting work using an amalgamation of the Tracy Anderson Method, some moves I picked up from Leila Fazel, also co-founder of the Aerospace gym, and some yoga. I am going to do some part of this 6 days a week, some days I may only do upper body and core, some days I might just do arms. Here is the first of three video's I am sharing with you, feel free to join me and my friend Meghan in doing this lower body workout at home!


Gotta do it, everyday. Especially with the amount of working out that I will be doing!  I am going to squeeze in the Yoga where ever and when ever I can. I don't feel like I need to do it for an hour straight everyday, but I really need to do it all day long!! When I wake up in the morning, on breaks at work and in the evening.  Even if it is just a few poses here and there, I am just going to get it in.  Yoga to me is so much about breathing and the topic of breathe leads us right into tomorrow's post on self care.....check back for more great info <3

Now I have to sign off so I can get to bed and make sure I get a good workout in tomorrow!

Stay Fit,