Fall Essentials

August. Is. Almost. Over. WHAT?!

Whether you’re experiencing the late summer scaries or you’re kneeling on the altar that is Autumn a la Wednesday Addams it’s irrefutable (thank God):



Well, sort of. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend but hey, that just gives us more time to prepare. Today at least there’s starting to be a little bit of brisk coolness in the breeze and the air isn’t quite as damp. This has us thinking about fall fashion and the pieces that we love for the dropping temperatures.

We’ve chosen our top 5:

dark denim
dark denim

Dark Denim: Universally flattering and unconditionally versatile.


Chunky Sweater: Nothing says “fall” like cocooning up in a chunky knit. And you know what? This doesn’t seem to be going out of style (this is great news).

SomethingCashmere:  Like anything cashmere: sweater, scarf, shell? You’ll feel like the coziest and most chic human around.


Wool Socks: This should need no explanation.

Boots + Booties: Bonus points for heeled variety that make your legs look 1,000 miles long.

 What are some of y'alls favorite pieces for fall?