F A L L into alignment

Bring it on FALL, we are ready for it!!!

We’ve laid plans, oh so many plans, to help you F A L L into alignment with your truest, most authentic, most beautiful badass self!!

Fall is our favorite, there is that signal we all get as the air gets crisp, that it is time to turn in and focus on our selves.

So here is what we do at Well.Fit…we lean in hard to the things that matter most. CLARITY, CONNECTION and COMMITMENT. We are creating loads of opportunities for ourselves and for you to expand in these areas. We are doing that by hosting a series of events, studio challenges, and social content.

Read on, mark your calendars and get yourself positioned for FALL into alignment (ie make sure your class pack or membership is current!).

Pro tip - seize this moment....pretty soon it will be all pumpkin spice latte's and holiday madness!

CLARITY, COMMITMENT and CONNECTION. Here is what you can expect:

In the months of September, October and November we will be hosting events, special classes and studio challenges that will promote clarity, create motivation and incentives to (re)commit to your sweat practice and bolster connections in our community. You can participate simply by being in the studio, signing up for whichever events appeal to you and following along on social media.

Here is a sneak peak of what's ahead-

5x5x5 challenges, Monday 9/9 kickoff: We are hosting a series of mini challenges this fall. Great results came from #summerstrong - above and beyond anything else every single person reported that it strengthened their COMMITMENT to the sweat life! Let's keep it rolling!! 5 days, 5 classes, 5 min core sequence at least once daily! Now is the perfect time to reclaim your sweat practice and (re)commit to yourself, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. ALSO if you haven't yet experienced our revitalized strength training program, M O V E, you need to come check it! It is built to compliment your RIDE and for you to reach your optimal level of functional strength. BOOM!

Well.Fit Social at Broth Lab, Friday 9/13 6:30pm. Nothing says COMMUNITY like coming together over hot ramen and cold beer (or sake) Join us at Camp and Teah's newest venture, Broth Lab, in the RAD! Pints are on us! Spouses, partners, lover and children (if you want) are all welcome! This is one of a few events this fall designed to bolster CONNECTION within our community, it's always a pleasure to see each other in a different atmosphere in real clothes!

What's Right With Me?!? a workshop with Breah Parker, Thursday 9/19 6:45pm. This workshop offers you a way to remember the truth of who you are, finding CLARITY about what's essential, offering the opportunity to reconnect authentically to yourself, to your family, and to your community. It is a tool to open the door wider to take a look at what we don’t normally take the time to view. Registration is now open.

Endurance R I D E with Shannon Ginn, 2 hour R I D E, Sunday 9/29 9am. No one does it better than Shannon and she has this one dialed, 120 minutes of focus, endurance and inspiration. This RIDE will reveal a part of you that you didn't even know existed! Unleash your power and revel in the glory. Registration now open.

Coming up in October:

Mountain M O V E, an excursion with purpose into the mountains with Katie May and Teah, exact date TBD registration opens mid September.

Vision and Goals with Kate Miller. You won't want to miss this rare opportunity to work with one of our communities most inspiring leaders! Kate is a coach, athlete and facilitator for amazing self development events.Late October date TBD

Now all you have to do is show up and take full advantage of FALL into alignment. It's going to be an amazing season, we can't wait to move & sweat through it with you.

See you at Well.Fit

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