Fueling Up, Pre & Post Workout

For those of you who work out first thing in the morning, it’s hard to know how to fuel up properly without eating too close to a workout. Honestly, when I get up for Ladies Gun Club in the morning, it’s rare that I wake up with enough time to do more than roll out of bed, get my gear on, and fill up a water bottle. The last thing I want to do is eat. By the time I start working out, though, I get hungry. Unfortunately, this means that as soon as the workout ends, I am ravenous and as quickly as I can get to a food source, stuff my face until I’m totally full. Not a great way to celebrate a good workout.

So what can you do before a workout to stave off ravenous hunger? One thing that works for me is eating half a banana right when I wake up. It’s just enough food to keep me from chowing down after the workout, but not so much that I feel sick while doing all that jumping around. Added bonus? Potassium is known for helping to prevent muscle cramps, and who doesn’t love that?

Post workout is a great time to fuel up with some healthy fats and proteins.

Kellie Davis, a fitness coach in Northern California, put a great list together of 50 Awesome Pre & Post-Workout Snacks

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