Happy Thanksgiving

What a wonderful time of year!! The leaves have fallen, it's down right freezing in the morning, all the big box stores have skipped right to christmas...yup the holidays are upon us. Which is awesome, and stressful and expensive and amidst the joy and excitement can also be rough on the physiology.  We fill ourselves with rich yummy foods, many of us skip the gym, and we work hard to make our kids and families as happy as we can.

This year I have three recommendations for myself that are in line with Well.Fit's trifecta of wellness philosophy.  I encourage y'all to take these and try them for yourself:

1. Eat well for the mind, body and soul.  Eating full fills us on so many more levels than basic sustenance   There is a huge social component as well as an emotional one.  Tradition plays big in our holiday meals.  Enjoying this time of the year is so important to our quality of lives, so I never advocate intense restrictions this time of year. With that said I invite you all to take a conscious approach in your holiday consumption, enjoy yourself, and be reasonable, maybe skip that second helping of whip cream on your pumpkin pie. If you are cooking you have a lot more control over what goes in your body so chose wisely, think of how you want to feel after the fact as well as during!

2. Rest your mind, body and soul. The holidays are inevitably a time to reflect on holidays past.  As kids its all gifts and desserts and grand parents. As Adults there is a whole other load of emotional stuff that the holidays can bring up.  Sometimes there are demands placed on us and we stretch ourselves thin in order to accommodate or make others happy.  So this year don't forget to carve out some time to take care of yourself. Get good rest, give yourself a bubble bath or some other quiet time for yourself.  However it is that you give something back to yourself, make sure to save some time for that activity.

1. Move your body! It's chilly, we are getting cozy,  if you are anything like me you go for the wine and would rather forget the exercise. But no, that is not going to pay off.  Keep it moving, start Thursday off with your favorite exercise, even if its only for 10-20 minutes, just make yourself do it.   Organize and after dinner walk with your family and or friends.  Play a game outside with the kids after the feast (or after the nap:)

Don't let this holiday leave you with extra weight, let it be a time to love your body and yourself, take good care, you deserve it!!

In Health,