Referral Incentives!

Since Ladies Gun Club began last year, we have seen it grown so much, and it has all been because of your commitment to your own fitness, and willingness to spread the word. That being said, we would love to see it grow some more, so as a 'Thank you' to all of you who have talked about bootcamp, and to encourage you to continue to do so, we have created a new incentive program...

1 for 1: Get one friend to sign up for a bootcamp, and get one class free

2 for 2: Get two friends to sign up for a bootcamp, and get two classes free

3 for 3: Get a third friend to sign up, and get not only two bootcamps classes for free, but an additional, private, hour long personal training session with Teah (valued at $50/hr)! This is a great opportunity to really focus on problem areas and develop a plan of action for continued fitness and progress.

Have a friend who might be interested in joining but wants to check it out first before the next session? Bring them to tomorrow's FREE bonus class tomorrow morning at 7 am at Pack Square Park (by Splashville in front of the courthouse) to check it out!

Hope you had a great day off yesterday. See you bright and early!