P o l i c i e s

First Class

Before your first visit to Well.Fit please REGISTER ONLINE and read this page completely. This will make the check in process on your first visit smooth and efficient. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your first class to get acquainted with the studio, your teacher and to get set up on your cycle.

Cancellations/no show

Well.Fit has a six hour cancellation period. If a class is cancelled after the 6 hour mark or if the class is no showed, single class and class pass holders forfeit the class. *Unlimited or Intro Pass members are subject to a $12 late cancel/no show fee.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class start time. Arriving late is disruptive to class, cuts into your workout time and you could miss out on important information and or demonstrations for class. If we have a wait list your bike will be given away at the scheduled class start time. Please note the door is locked during class, if you arrive late you may try the doorbell but we cannot guarantee someone will be there to open it for you. Late arrivals are subject to no show fees.

Wait list

If you choose to add yourself to the wait list you are committing to a spot if it opens, cancellation and no show policies will apply. You will be notified by either email or text depending on what notification type you opted in to when you registered with Well.Fit. Each client is accountable for their seat in class, if you are on the waitlist and your decide you do not want a spot if it opens please remove yourself from the waitlist. There is no fee for removing yourself from a waitlist in the 6 hour window.

Shoes, coats and Personal Belongings

Please DO NOT wear dirty shoes into the studio. There are coat hooks and cubbies in the lobby to store personal belongings.


e t i q u e t t e

and other stuff

Cell Phones

We understand there are sometimes emergencies, but we ask that clients generally refrain from using
cell phones in the studio.


Be mindful of your aroma. Strong smelling perfumes or body odors are equally unwelcome by your workout buddies.

Chit Chat

Once class begins please curb the conversations, it's distracting from your own workout and to others.


NO DIRTY SHOES. If you are riding regularly cycling shoes are a worthy investment. Ask us about the TIEM cycle shoe! We can help you find your fit and order them for you. Please carry in clean training shoes for your Gun Club or TRX class.

check in

Please check yourself in on the iPad upon entering. If you are unsure of how please ask your instructor.

Lost and found

Are you missing a water bottle (or anything else)?? Check the lost and found bin in the back room, it's in a cubby on the bottom shelf next to the bathroom.