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Shoe Shop + Cleat Clinic

It's that time again!!

Are you still riding in your sneakers?
Let us help you into a pair of TIEM cycle shoes. You will be so happy you did!

Have you been riding in your TIEM's for a while but not checked your cleats? Let us help you make sure they are aligned.

Cycle shoes help your overall performance on the bike and help protect your feet and knees from straining on the pedals. Trust us when we say, it's a game changer. Ask anyone one of your fellow Well.Fitters!!

Here is the skippy on this event and how it works:

1. Shoe fitting: we stock a size run so we can help you find your perfect fit. Once your fit is found simply chose your color and we order for you. Free shipping and Free Cleat Installation. Simply show up to a class and request a fitting or text us to schedule : 828-772-2109

2. Free Cleat Clinic: If you have TIEM's already grab one of your cycle instructors during the days of the event and ask them check your cleat position. Sometimes cleats move or rotate over time and proper alignment is key for foot, knee and hip alignment and health!

3. Want a fresh pair of TIEM's for spring? We are offering *15% OFF a new pair (offer valid for anyone who has previously purchased a pari of TIEM's at Well.Fit)!
(Pssst. have you seen the new color?!?!)

4. Final Details : Shoes will be ordered Wednesday March 27 and they take about 3-5 days for shipping. We will install your cleats for you and if you have never clipped in on the bike we will help you with your first time!

*discount applies to shoe only, no discount on additional sets of cleats

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