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Wim Hof at Well.Fit

Don’t miss this special opportunity at Well.Fit!!

3 hour workshop with Luke White, Wim Hof certified Instructor. He will be leading us in a journey of breath-work and cold therapy. Read on below for more information about Wim Hof.

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Wim Hof method provides participants the tools to handle stress and increase overall health. Specific benefits include (but are not limited to) boosting the immune system through cold exposure, breath-work, and a meditative mindset. This method stands upon 3 main pillars.

1: Cold-exposure produces a certain protein called cold-shock proteins. These affect the generators (ATP) of cellular energy inside the mitochondria, thus increasing your energy levels, balancing hormones through the hormetic response from the cold-exposure, boosting your metabolism and production of feel-good hormones, and decreasing inflammation throughout the body. There is a wide array of important benefits from going into the cold that have been studied and shown by using the scientific method.

2: Breath-work can be used as a powerful tool for us to go deep into a state of calm and receive the benefits of cold-exposure. WHM breathing primes the body for getting into the cold by up regulating the Oxygen in our blood. We create more alkalinity, which uncouples the pain receptors from the thermo sensors in our bodies. Thus, we are able to handle the sensation we call pain while entering into the cold.

3: Mind-set will be the driving force behind creating a safe and powerful space for all participants to learn how to handle the stress-response and fear of the unknown. By using breath and the power of your mind, you will walk through the fires of ice ! Unlock your superhuman abilities!

Take control over your health!

Let go of fear and step into the unknown.

You are boundless and free !

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