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Well.Fit Classes

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The Well.Fit Ride is equal parts dance party AND technical skills. We have drawn the best aspects of popular styles of indoor cycling to create an experience that is unique to Well.Fit! We check our troubles at the door, we ride to the beat and we leave as a slightly better version of ourselves, every damn time!

We do not use monitors, instead we focus on mind body connection. Your time at Well.Fit is an opportunity to disconnect from the grind and reconnect with yourself.



Move your body, move it well.

Well.Fit M O V E is a bodyweight strength training program.* It is for EVERYONE. These workouts are truly versatile...if you have not worked out in years (or ever) or if you are a seasoned athlete, there is a challenge here for you. The workouts are high intensity and quick paced. This program yields a strong, agile, powerful body and they are FUN!!

Come see for yourself!

*This is a bodyweight driven program but we will also occasionally incorporate tools such as; battle ropes, slam balls, kettlebells, resistance bands and more.


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